ESCAC is one of Spain’s most renowned film schools.

Some of the alumni of the school such as J.A. Bayona (director of The Impossible, A Monster Calls, Penny Dreadful), Eduard Grau (Cinematographer of A Single Man, Arthur Newman, Suite Française), Bernat Vilaplana (Editor of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy II), Oscar Faura (Cinematographer of The Imitation Game), among many others, have had a fundamental role in the evolution of the filmmaking industry in the recent years, and that impact has managed to make the brand ESCAC travel abroad through films of international outreach.

In 2014, ESCAC launched a New Master’s Degree in Filmmaking with the intention of furthering it’s goal of becoming the stepping stone between the academic world and the professional industry in Spain.

The Master’s Degree in Filmmaking started with the meticulous selection among it’s alumni of 6 directors, 6 screenwriters and 6 producers with the aim to create six teams and develop, shoot, and promote a First Feature Film.

The Girl From the Song is a film that has been created within this framework.